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PHIL 430

Table of contents

  1. Metaphysics or physics? A lot of this seems like “older” / “ancient” physics…
  2. What is the relationship between atomism and materialism? Is atomism a form of materialism?
  3. Did the ancients have all the ideas and are we just recycling them?
  4. What is the difference between necessity and teleology? Are they merely reformulations of the same concept?
  5. Is void divisible?
  6. Are atoms and void of different substance?
  7. Could this be considered a sort of nihilism? Or proto-nihilism?
  8. Is atomism atheist?
  9. What is the implication of something like calculus on the debate over divisibility of items?
  10. On the issue of motion and void, Aristotle’s argument. In the swimming example, the swimmer has to push, and because it is causal, the water must move after the swimmer moves.
  11. Void vs being – is being in void or is void the area around being?
  12. Epicureans and stoics – can you read their ethics / meaning-of-life from their metaphysics / as inseparable from their metaphysics?