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Experiments and Demonstrations

CHEM 142

One of the best parts of CHEM 142 are the live demos. Below are links to videos of the demonstrations performed by Prof. Li.

  1. Blackbody Radiation Demonstration
  2. Photoelectric Effect Demonstration
  3. Variation in Visible Light Spectrum Demonstration
  4. Conversion of Chemical Energy to Light
  5. Burning Elements to Observe Emission Spectrum
  6. Inducing Orbital Changes in Different Chemicals
  7. Pickle Lamp - Inducing Orbital Excitation in Sodium
  8. Ion Electricity Conduction and Temperature of Dissolved Solutions
  9. Molecular Structure Modeling
  10. Limiting Reagants in Gaseous Products
  11. Change in pH with Additionan of \(CO_2 (s)\)
  12. Chain Reaction - Calcium Chloride and Red Potassium
  13. Acid-Base Reactions
  14. Precipitation Reactions
  15. Oxidation and Decomposition Reactions
  16. Displacement Reaction 1, 2
  17. Gas Imbalance Container Deformation
  18. Charles’ Law, Boyle’s Law, Avagadro’s Law
  19. Time for Reaction vs. Reactant Concentration
  20. Catalyst Demonstration with Elephant Toothpaste
  21. Temperature-Dependent Reverse Reaction
  22. Rate Laws and Catalyzing via \(k\) Modification
  23. Reverting Reactions: Changing the Color of a Solution and Back with Chlorine and Water Solution Additions
  24. Reverting Reactions: Automatic Iodide Solution Color Toggling
  25. Catalysis via Temperature Adjustment - Bubbling Liquid Reaction