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Uni Notes

Notes from classes, research, speeches, student organizations, and more from the University of Washington (from a 4.0 CGPA student!).

PHIL 120 PHIL 401C CHEM 142 CSE 142 CSE 143 CSE 351 CSE 390HA CSE 390HB CSE 391 MATH 124 MATH 125 MATH 126 MATH 126 MATH 208 ENGL 284 ENGL 308 ECON 200

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I’m Andre, and I’m on a mission to document my college experience. This website serves to host class notes at the University of Washington. I’m pursuing a triple major in Philosophy, Comparative History of Ideas, and Computer Science; as well as a minor in Russian Language.


3/17/2022 I will be TAing for CSE 163 in Spring Quarter!
3/12/2022 Winter quarter has concluded. You can find notes for some fo the classes I took this quarter, including CSE 143, CSE 390HB, and MATH 125. In Spring quarter, I will be taking MATH 126, ENGL308, PHIL 120, and ARCH 150.
3/4/2022 The CSE 143 Data Page has been updated with final exam data from previous quarters.
3/2/2022 A brand new Questions page has been added to the MATH 125 page, which publishes some really interesting responses by professor Ricky Liu to questions extending/generalizing concepts taught in class.
2/27/2022 Classes for Spring 2022 have been registered and finalized: MATH 126, ENGL308, PHIL 120, and ARCH 150.
2/18/2022 Check out the CSE 143 Data page, which contains data shared by Stuart Reges on current and previous CSE 143 stats. Will continue to be updated as more data is shared.
2/17/2022 Extensive notes on Week 7 of the CSE 390HB seminar have been added.
2/13/2022 The entire website has been brought up to date (in that all previous class content has been successfuly transferred to this site - or at least it should have been). The transcript has been updated with confirmed classes for Spring and appropriate class pages have been created.
2/12/2022 The cheat sheet for Math 125 has been updated with information up to Integration Strategies.
2/12/2022 \(\LaTeX\) errors for mathematics notes have gone through a cleaning and should be mostly correct. Rendering/syntax errors will periodically be corrected.
2/11/2022 Notes for the very interesting Philosophy Society talk “Nishitani Keiji and the Zen of the Anthropocene” by Jason Wirth have been published here.
2/11/2022 CSE 143 midterm reminders and problem schemes have been added.
2/9/2022 Lecture notes for all of CSE 142 have been added.