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Uni Notes

Open-sourced notes material from courses at the University of Washington

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PHIL 120 PHIL 401C PHIL 440 PHIL 458 PHIL 484 CHEM 142 CSE 143 CSE 351 MATH 125 MATH 208 ENGL 308 ECON 200 CHID 395 HSTAA 465

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I’m Andre, a junior at the University of Washington. This website serves to host class notes at the University of Washington, as well as to host and share some of the work I’ve done in them. I’m pursuing a double major in Philosophy and Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics. I tend to take a fairly wide range of classes, so I hope they are interesting and/or helpful to viewers. This quarter I am taking:

  • PHIL 406, Philosophical Topics in Feminism
  • PHIL 455, Philosophy of Race
  • MATH 344, Honors Accelerated Advanced Calculus I
  • MATH 402, Introduction to Abstract Algebra I


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