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Lecture Notes

MATH 125

Course Materials and Tips

  • Purchase a web assign access code - all HW assignments will be on Webassign.
  • The textbook is Calculus, 8th Edition, Early Transcendentals by Stewart. A digital version is included in the WebAssign access code; no paper copy is required.
  • A TI-30X IIS calculator is required for MATH 12x.
  • Bring printouts of worksheets to Tuesday quiz sections.
  • Do the Webassign pre-assessment - 50 point (~5%) bonuses offered on homework grades.

Course Organization


  • Meeting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday for Lecture Section
  • Before lecture, watch video and read text reading
  • Before each class, submit a preclass-reflection via Canvas
  • Submit in-class work to increase GPA
  • Lectures will be recorded and are available on Panopto


  • Meeting on Thursdays for Quiz Section
  • When there is no midterm or holiday, there will be a quiz
    • The quiz can be retaken repeatedly during OH until satisfied
  • Quiz grade is calculated as the average of all grades from the quiz
    • If quiz grade is less than 60%, it will be set to 60%


  • Due on Tuesdays and Thursdays (unless there is midterm or holiday)
  • Submitted through Webassign
  • Automatic extension of 2 additional days can be granted via Webassign


  • Tuesday, October 26
  • Tuesday, November 16
  • Taken during quiz section; exams uploaded to Gradescope.

Final Exam

  • Saturday, December 11th; 1:30 PM - 4:20 PM


  • Meeting on Tuesdays for Quiz Section
  • Will work on worksheets (print out beforehand)


My teaching philosophy is that students should not be withheld from opportunities to improve. Courses should be created to give all students the opportunity for growth. Thus, if you struggle with a topic, you should be given the chance to improve and demonstrate growth. This philosophy is reflected in the course’s organization.

  • For a passing grade (2.0):
    • Submit all preclass reflections;
    • Obtain at least 60% in every quiz;
    • Obtain 60%+ on 2/3 exams;
    • Obtain 60%+ on every homework assignment.
  • Median GPA will be within 0.2 points of 2.9
  • GPA increase of 0.1 (max 0.2 increase) allowed for those that
    • Pass the class and perform all learning assignments
    • Pass the class and submit 80% of all in-class assignments
    • To obtain a 4.0 requires both of these to be fulfilled (maximum GPA without GPA increase is 3.8)

Grading scale/system for correctness

9Near correct
5Right ideas, significant errors
1Genuine but false approach
0No meaningful attempt

Class weighting

Course ComponentWeight
Quizzes (6)6% each
Midterms (2)15% each