• ’21 - ’25
    B.A., Philosophy
    University of Washington
    • 4.0 GPA
    • Coursework includes - logic, ethical theory, phenomenology, philosophy of race, philosophy of feminism
    • Early Entrance Program, Robinson Center
  • ’21 - ’25
    B.S., Computer Science
    University of Washington
    • 3.9 GPA
    • Coursework includes - DS&A, discrete math, systems


  • Jan ’23 - Present
    Undergrad Researcher
    Krishna Group, Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
    • Working on the Computer Vision Cognition project.
    • Mentored by Sebastin Santy, PIs Ranjay Krishna and Amy Zhang
  • Feb ’22 - Jan ’23
    Undergrad Researcher
    Social Futures Lab, Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering
    • Worked on the Confidence Contours project.
    • Mentored by Jim Chen, PI Amy Zhang
  • Jun ’22 - Sep ’22
    Research Intern
    • Designed and ran experiments for curriculum learning on large speech transcription models.
    • Mentored by Andrew Seagraves (now VP of Research at Deepgram)
  • Dec ’21 - Mar ’23
    Research Lead
    Interactive Intelligence, University of Washington
    • Worked on the Emergent Language project.
  • Mar ’21 - May ’22
    Undergrad Researcher
    Najafian Lab, UW Medicine
    • Worked on the Foot Process Width Segmentation project.
    • Worked with David Smerkous, P.I. Bezhad Najafian


  • Nov ’22 - Present
    Academic Support Teaching Assistant
    The Coding School
    • Hosted several office hours sessions a week to help students with theoretical and coding material in an introductory data science and machine learning course.
  • Sep ’22 - Present
    Teaching Assistant, Literary Theory
    Robinson Center, University of Washington
    • Contributed to curriculum material, hosted office hours, gave feedback on drafts.
    • Taught material iin literary theory and philosophy, including dialectical and discursive materialism, modernist and Englightenment thought, postcolonialism, existentialism, psychoanalysis
  • Mar ’22 - Jun ’22
    Teaching Assistant, CSE 163
    Robinson Center, University of Washington
    • Taught a review section every week, hosted office hours, graded assignments.

Publishing & Writing

  • ’22 - ’23
    Book Author, Deep Learning
    Apress, Springer Nature
    • Published Modern Deep Learning Design and Application Development (2021)
    • Published Modern Deep Learning for Tabular Data (2022)
  • ’22
    Technical Reviewer
    Packt, Apress
    • Building Data Science Solutions with Anaconda (2022) by Dan Meador, Packt
    • Deep Learning Model Optimization with Neural Network Intelligence (2022) by Ivan Gridin, Apress
  • ’21 - ’22
    Data Science Writer
    • Awarded the Gold and Silver Medal from KDnuggets, a leading data science site with over 700k+ visitors monthly, for writing two of the most top-viewed and top-shared articles on the platform
    • Wrote over 350 data science and AI articles here for various top data science publications; over ten million views total
    • Awarded Top Writer in AI and Technology by Medium.
    • Contracted to write data science articles for machine learning companies and organizations like Neptune.AI
    • Served as Editor of Data Science and AI Content of The Data-Driven Investor

Miscellaneous Work

  • Jan ’23 - Mar ’23
    Fellowship Member
    • Recipient of & participant in the Reboot Fellowship Program.
  • Apr ’20 - Jun ’20
    Volunteer Data Scientist
    • Performed textual analysis and visualization on communications for greater internal efficiency
    • Developed question-answering model for epidemic scientific literature

Other Interests

  • Languages: English (native), Mandarin Chinese (conversational), Russian (working), French (learning)
  • See my reading list for my recommended literature!

Misc. - Competitions

  • Kaggle Master rank; held top ’2% position within the Kaggle community of over 160k data scientists (while active)
  • Top 1% (16 / 4245), Jane Street Group Market Prediction Competition
  • Top 4%, HLIS Mechanisms of Action Competition
  • Top 5%, RACR Catheter and Line Position Challenge
  • Global Nominee, NASA Space Apps Hackathon