computer science research

“Language Models as Critical Thinking Tools: A Case Study of Philosophers”. Andre Ye, Jared Moore, Rose Novick, Amy X. Zhang. Resources: arXiv, philPapers.

“Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Improves Visual Representations”. Andre Ye, Sebastin Santy, Jena D. Hwang, Amy X. Zhang, Ranjay Krishna. Resources: arXiv, RAIVN lab talk slides and pdf, 27th UW Research Symposium talk slides and pdf.

“LLMs grasp morality in concept”. Mark Pock, Andre Ye, Jared Moore. Moral Psychology and Philosophy Workshop, NeurIPS 2023. Resources: arXiv, poster

“Confidence Contours”. Andre Ye, Quan Ze Chen, Amy Zhang. HCOMP 2023. 🏆 Honorable Mention, Best Paper Award. Resources: proceedings, arXiv. HCOMP talk slides and pdf, 26th UW Research Symposium talk slides and pdf, Allen School Research Showcase poster. Archival: IJCAI 2023 submission and rebuttal.

“A Roadmap to Pluralistic Alignment”. Taylor Sorenson, Jared Moore, Jillian Fisher, Mitchell Gordon, Niloofar Mireshghallah, Christopher Michael Rytting, Andre Ye, Liwei Jiang, Ximing Lu, Nouha Dziri, Tim Althoff, Yejin Choi. ICML 2024. Resources: arXiv.

“A Novel Approach to Segment Specialized Annotations in Electron Microscopy Images of Glomerular Podocytes.” David Smerkous, Andre Ye, Behzad Najafian. Najafian Lab for Kidney Pathology, UW Medicine. Resources: 25th UW Research Symposium pdf.

“Emergent Language: Independent AI Development of a Language-Like Syntax.” Alec Bunn, Amelia Johnson, Andre Ye, Yegor Kuznetzov, Eric Xia. Interactive Intelligence research group, Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science. Resources: eScience Institute AI Showcase poster

philosophy work

“And then the Hammer Broke: Reflections on Machine Ethics from Feminist Philosophy of Science.” Andre Ye. Pacific University Philosophy Conference: Forest Grove, Oregon. April 2024. Resources: arXiv, philPapers, reading video and artistic slides and pdf.

“Seeing Water: Building International Justice Beyond Embodied Metaphysics.” Andre Ye. Seattle University Philosophy Conference: Seattle, Washington. May 2024. Resources: philPapers.

“Computational Production of Simulacra.” Andre Ye. Garden of Ideas, Volume 3, 2023 – Issue 1, pages 3-17. Resources: link.

“The Wartime State and the Cigarette: Darkness and Temporality in Pale Horse, Pale Rider.” Andre Ye. The Explicator, Volume 80, 2022 - Issue 1-2, pages 30-33. Publisher’s link..

See other writings here.

expository writing

Modern Deep Learning Design and Applications. Andre Ye. Apress (Springer Nature). SpringerLink

Modern Deep Learning for Tabular Data. Andre Ye, Andy Wang. Apress (Springer Nature). SpringerLink.

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B.A., Philosophy with Honors. Focus on social & political philosophy, philosophy of science. University of Washington. 2021-2025.

B.S., Computer Science. Focus: AI, HCI. University of Washington. 2021-2025.

Minor, Mathematics. Focus on abstract algebra.

Minor, History. Focus on 21st century comparative and transregional history.

Early Entrance Program. Admission to university at 14 through the Robinson Center.


Teaching Assistant, CSE [160, 163, 311] (intro and intermediate Python programming, discrete math for CS). Allen School of CSE, University of Washington. 4 quarters.

Teaching Assistant, English Composition and Literary Analysis. Robinson Center, University of Washington. 2 years.

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Machine Learning. The Coding School. 1 year.

recognition & scholarships

  • UW Philosophy Department Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar (2024)
  • CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Finalist (2023)
  • Mary Gates Research Scholar (2023)
  • Phi Beta Kappa Scholar (2023)
  • Philosophy Department Honors (2023)
  • HCOMP/CI Student Scholarship (2023)
  • Departmental and University Research Travel Scholarships (2023, 2024)
  • Kaggle Master rank
  • Global Nominee, 2020 NASA Space Applications Hackathon

academic service & volunteering

  • 2023 NeurIPS Moral Psychology and Moral Philosophy Workshop Reviewer
  • 2023 ICML AI + HCI Workshop Reviewer
  • Volunteer Data Scientist @ Coronawhy (April 2020 - June 2020)
  • 2024 Allen School Direct Admits, Undergrad Research Panelist
  • 2022, 2023 Robinson Center Student Panelist
  • 2024 Robinson Center Research Panelist, Student Host

other research and projects

“AyahuascaNet: Rigorously Investigating Hallucination in Large Language Models with Hardcore Psychedelic Drugs.” SIGBOVIK 2023. Resources: proceedings, RAIVN Lab seminar talk slides and pdf.

“How does the AI community pronounce `epoch’? A semirigorous sociolinguistic survey.” SIGBOVIK 2024. Resources: proceedings.

“ITF;)LM: Innocuous Table Formatting ;) with Language Models.” SIGBOVIK 2024. Resources: proceedings.

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tserk – цирк(овь). Digital art. Link