My research agenda and ideas that excite me

ongoing projects

projects I am leading or co-leading

Discursive Datasets. with Amy Zhang (U. of Wa.) and Ranjay Krishna (U. of Wa.).

Political Autonomy on Social Platforms. with Katie Yurechko (Wash. & Lee, Oxford). We set forth a framework for understanding and analyzing the pre-/political experience and autonomy of users in social platforms.

Research Agenda for “Social Metaphysics. with Mark Pock (U. of Wa.) and Jared Moore (Stanford). More coming.

ongoing collaborations

projects I’m happy to be a small part of!

None at the moment. Soon to change…

exciting ideas and directions

Kernels of research ideas I’m excited about. If any of these excite you too, please shoot me an email at andreye [at] uw [dot] edu!