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My articles range widely in topic and scope. I’ve written hundreds of articles now, covering paper reviews, concept explanations, code demonstrations, topical surveys, and more. For my writing, I was recognized as Top Writer in AI and in Technology by Medium and awarded a Gold and a Silver medal by KDnuggets, a leading data science site with 700k+ visitors monthly.

These days, I don’t write so many articles due to the competing influence of other work.

Perhaps the highlight of my short blog/article writing career is this article, which kicked off a big debate between Steven Pinker, Yann LeCun, Francois Chollet, Gary Marcus, and so on in Twitterverse and beyond. You can find coverage of the spectacle on AI Coffee Break, Gowri Shankar’s blog, ML Street Talk, and Yann LeCun’s Twitter.

View a selection of my articles below, organized by topic - chosen because of their popularity, my personal interest, or both. (These links are configured to bypass the Medium subscription paywall.)

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