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Collected work from Transition School


“The Cigarette and the Tragic Pursuit of Death in Pale Horse, Pale Rider

Written for English class, this essay explores the symbolism of the cigarette and tragic love amidst death in Katherine Anne Porter’s novel, Pale Horse, Pale Rider. I’m currently in the process of revising and submitting to The Explicator.

“Analyzing Latent Space in Autoencoders of Varied Bottleneck Size”

This mathematics class project explores and understands the clustering of neural network representations of handwritten digits, and uncovers some interesting findings suggesting another way to represent the Deep Double Descent curve.

“Analying Sinusoidal Patterns in 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Tweets”

This mathematics class project explores trends in the frequency and sentiment of tweets in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.

Journal Club: “Improved Protein Structure Prediction Using Potentials from Deep Learning”

Slides from a journal club presentation on a DeepMind paper for biology class.





Final Research Essay - “Collective Individualism in Black Conservatism”

Reading Responses: Week 1 - Booth, Harding, Week 2 - Booth, Wallace, Week 3 - Booth, Kapczynski & Gonsalves, Van Ness, Week 4 - Althusser, De Beauvoir, Taylor


See notes for lectures and reading response materials here.

Fall Quarter

Reading Responses: Week 1 - Rampolla, Rael, Diamond, Week 2 - Las Casas, Locke, Gonzales, Week 3 - Equiano/Vassa, Morgan, Sprigs, Week 4 - Madison, Holton, Week 5 - Reagan, Robinson, Week 6 - Anti-Catholic Petition, Zia, Jacobson, Week 7 - Brown, Johnson, Week 8 - Douglass, Truth, Jacobs, Week 9 - du Bois, Lincoln, Week 10 - Jones, Kellog

Winter Quarter

Reading Responses: Week 1 - Goodheart, Johnson, Week 2 - Parsons, Sumner, Dubofsky, Week 3 - Douglass, Beveridge, Kramer, Week 4 - Addams, Eastman, Stromquist, Week 5 - Preamble to the NLRA, Boyer & Morais, Week 6 - Houston, Archibald, Week 7 - Yasui, Bacevich, Week 8 - Elbaum, King Jr., Week 9 - Powell Memorandum, Kohler-Hausmann, Week 10 - McKibben, Kochhar & Cilluffo, Taylor