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TS Notes

Notes from the Robinson Center’s Transition School Program.

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I’m Andre Ye. I’m a current student at the University of Washington pursuing dual study in Computer Science and Philosophy. I was granted admission into the UW through the Early Entrance Program; I attended Transition School during the 2020-2021 school year. This website stores my notes and work from the intense but incredibly rewarding year.

The Transition School is a one-year college preparatory program offered through the Robinson Center for Young Scholars at the University of Washington via the Early Entrance Program (EEP). Students leave eighth grade into the Transition School, from which they graduate and become matriculated college students.

If you’re a current or former TS student and are introduced in contributing your notes, reach out to me at for possibilities of collaboration. I’m looking to convert this site from a personal project into a wide-ranging repository for TS notes and content, if there are people willing to work with me to that end.


2/19/2022 The entire portfolio has been updated.
2/18/2022 All TS notes have been successfully transferred to this site (more or less; there are some tedious nonessential notes that may be added later). Enjoy a (generally) full TS notes repository! Email me at the email above if there are any specific notes or questions you have. Additional updates will not occur frequently unless solicited.
2/14/2022 The cheat sheet and “Chemistry, Nucleic Acids, Origin of Life” notes for Fall TS Biology have been added. Notes for all other quarters for all other classes should have been added – we’re in the home stretch of completing the TS Notes transfer.
2/13/2022 Notes on all readings from TS Spring English have been transferred here.
2/9/2022 Notes on the remaining readings from TS Fall History have been transferred.