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Research and Writing

Presentations, talks, books, essays

Research in Deep Learning

  • “Confidence Contours: Uncertainty-Aware Annotation for Medical Semantic Segmentation”. Andre Ye, Quanze (Jim) Chen (PhD student mentor), Amy Zhang (faculty advisor). In submission to IJCAI 2023.
  • “Emergent Language: Independent AI Development of Human-Like Language”. Research performed with Interactive Intelligence. Discovering AI @ UW Conference, May 23rd. Poster presentation. PDF.
  • “A Novel Approach to Segment Specialized Annotations in Electron Microscopy Images of Glomerular Podocytes”. Research performed with Najafian Lab for the Pathobiology of Kidney Diseases, UW Medicine. 25th Undergraduate Research Symposium at the University of Washington, May 20th. Oral presentation. Session Proceedings. Slides.


  • Modern Deep Learning Design and Application Development: Versatile Tools to Solve Deep Learning Problems. Published with Apress, Springer Nature. 2022. Springer Link, Barnes & Noble. ~450 pages.
  • Deep Learning for Tabular Data: Novel Approaches to Common Modeling Problems. Published with Apress, Springer Nature. 2023. Springer Link. ~800 pages.

Essays in Philosophy and Literary Criticism

Experimental Projects