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Curriculum Vitae


Currently pursuing the following programs.

  • Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Philosophy (focus: ethics, metaphysics, formal and social epistemology)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Comparative History of Ideas (focus: critical theory, labor)
  • Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science (focus: theory, deep learning, vision understanding)
  • Minor in Russian language
  • Minor in math (focus: abstract algebra)
  • Early Entrance Program, skipped high school

Research Work

Undergraduate Researcher, w/ Prof. Conor Mayo-Wilson, Dept. of Philosophy

March 2023 - Present

Planned, not settled yet

Undergrad Researcher, w/ Prof. Ranjay Krishna & Prof. Amy Zhang, Allen School of CSE

January 2023 - Present


Undergrad Researcher @ Social Futures Lab, Allen School of CSE

February 2022 - Dec 2022

The Social Futures Lab works towards reimagining social and collaborative systems to empower people and improve society. I am researching a novel data annotation protocol for high-stakes image segmentation problems like pathology and medical biology to directly mark uncertainty into the data itself rather than inferring uncertainty from model outputs second-hand, the objective being to develop more robust and self-aware computer vision models.

Research Intern @ Deepgram

June 2022 - September 2022

Deepgram develops powerful deep speech recognition APIs for developers. At Deepgram, I developed novel curriculum training infrastructure and practices to target data contamination, correct problematic model behavior, significantly improve convergence speed, and improve performance in some cases while training large speech models on millions of hours of audio

Research Lead @ Interactive Intelligence

January 2022 - Dec 2022

Interactive Intelligence (I2) is an independent student research group at the UW focusing on developing human-like cognition in deep learning models. Leading the Emergent Language group to build deep learning models which develop “their own” novel system of language generation and interpretation.

Undergrad Researcher @ Najafian Lab, UW Medicine

March 2021 - May 2022

The Najafian Lab for the Pathobiology of Kidney Diseases in UW Medicine’s Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology operates multiple projects investigating kidney diseases.

Worked on developing a segmentation pipeline to visually mark features on electron microscopy images of cells. Researched novel segmentation model training practices to more effectively model biological phenomena.


Academic Support Teaching Assistant, The Coding School

November 2022 - Present

Hosted office hours to assist students for The Coding School

Teaching Assistant, UW Robinson Center

September 2022 - Present

Teaching assistant for a year-long English track course at the UW campus.

  • Fall 2022: Composition, Argumentation, Analysis. Students are introduced to the nuances and practices of academic argumentative writing. Contributed to course material, hosted multiple hours of office hours, assisted with classroom discussion and grading.
  • Winter 2022: Literary Analysis. Ongoing.

Teaching Assistant, Allen School of CSE

March 2022 - June 2022

TA’d CSE 163: Intermediate Data Programming with Prof. Hunter Schafer, Spring Quarter. Graded homework, hosted office hours, taught weekly sections.

Publishing and Writing Work

Deep Learning Author, Apress and Packt

Authored two books with Apress, currently writing one more with Apress and another with Packt.

Technical Reviewer

November 2021 - Present

Testing code, determining the accuracy of author content, and making revisions and suggestions to increase clarity and communication in data science books.

I’ve served as a/the reviewer for the following books:

  • Building Data Science Solutions with Anaconda, Packt
  • Deep Learning Model Optimization with Neural Network Intelligence, Apress

Article reviews:

  • “Structure-Based Hyperparameter Selection with Bayesian Optimization in Multidimensional Scaling”, Statistics and Computing (Springer).

Data Science Writer, Medium

March 2020 - April 2021

  • Awarded the Gold and Silver Medal from KDnuggets, a leading data science site with over 700k+ visitors monthly, for writing two of the most top-viewed and top-shared articles on the platform.
  • Have written over 350 data science and artificial intelligence articles here for various top data science publications. Articles have collectively been read over ten million times. Awarded Top Writer in AI and Technology by Medium.
  • Contracted to write data science articles for machine learning companies and organizations like Neptune.AI.
  • Served as Editor of Data Science and AI Content of The Data-Driven Investor, an online publication that delivers content to several dozen thousand readers in 95 countries daily.

Miscellaneous Work

Food Server, McDonald’s

January 2023 - Present

Serving hungry people.

Reboot Fellowship Member

January 2023 - Present

Recipient of & participant in the Reboot Fellowship Program.

Volunteer Data Scientist @ CoronaWhy

April 2020 - June 2020

  • CoronaWhy is an international group of volunteers working to analyze and model COVID-19 data to aid the pandemic. Worked with fellow team members in a highly collaborative setting.
  • Performed textual analysis and visualization on communications for greater internal efficiency.
  • Assisted the CoronaWhy team in developing a transformer-based model for the Epidemic Questioning Answering dataset that answers COVID-19 related questions by extracting answers from the relevant literature.

For Fun: Competitions and Awards

I hold Kaggle Master rank and a top 2% position within the Kaggle community of over 160k data scientists.

Top 1%, Jane Street Group Market Prediction Competition

August 2021

Placed in the top 1% (16th place, Gold) out of of 4245 teams in the Jane Street Group Market Prediction Competition. Developed a denoising autoencoder and intricate nonlinear topology to predict stock prices.

Top 5%, Catheter and Line Position Challenge

March 2021

Placed in the top 5% (Silver) out of of 1547 teams in the Royal Australian College of Radiologists Catheter and Line Position Challenge. Developed an ensemble of deep learning models to identify catheters in an X-ray and classify their placement. Used transfer learning, self-supervised learning, and extensive augmentation.

Top 4%, Mechanism of Action Prediction Competition

November 2020

Placed in the top 4% (Silver) out of of 4373 teams in the Harvard Laboratory for Innovation Science’s Mechanisms of Action competition. Developed a solution over several months involving heavy feature engineering and an ensemble of deep neural network and TabNet models

Global Nominee, NASA Space Apps Hackathon

October 2020

  • Coded and presented a solution for NASA’s Space Apps Hackathon. A large satellite-collected dataset from NASA databases was analyzed and modelled to predict the economic impact of wildfires.
  • Used several machine learning methods, including gradient-boosted trees and model explainability techniques. Visualized model findings and data patterns.
  • Was selected as one of two nominees to represent our region in international judging by NASA, ESA, and other international space agencies.